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@FAT32 said:
@wfjoyce @superEric Don’t get me started.

No one force you to use their services. Find me one, just one provider that has been in business longer than VirMach, has better uptime than VirMach, yet provide cheaper services than their crazy BF deal (less than $5/yr with similar specs). Look at how all the shitty summer hosts that deadpooled.

别再丢人现眼了,爱用就用,没人逼你用。真香定律知道吗?嘴上说不要但心里却很诚实,还不是因为便宜购买了,有种你就不买不看不吵啊。找给我一家比 VirMach 更长久更稳定且更便宜的公司再和我说吧。没有几家公司可以提供5刀年付的小鸡。记得以前的四大金刚吗?到最后不是只剩 VirMach?

Yes, you r right, I deleted the server info .
that’s my point only. stop talk about it and enjoy u virmach.

PS:I had some server from OVH, online,and avg month fee over $150. and never had any dispute . I hope someone keep claim and know I just share my point . The freedom is I can talk what I want to talk .

Don’t reply me ,I never care who r u, a affman or a partner or other.

OK, are you speaking officially on behalf of the VIRMACH?



Robotex said: Definitely unclear, seeing there’s no info as well on the billing panel about what OS (custom?) options are enabled on each service. At the time, when I tried to add the deal to the shopping cart, the “Windows available” text was there, but because website was very overloaded I had to refresh a few times before I was able to reach the checkout page, so maybe the rounds got mixed?

There was an issue where after being sold out/switched the offers showed as having Windows, but when the offer was actually sold it did not show as Windows.

If you got to select Windows, then Windows is available. There were some cases where Windows was available but it didn’t get listed on the site (but not the other way around.)

Edmond said: How much does AliPay charge for processing payments? I know Stripe has AliPay AND Wechat Pay support but they charge the same as if it’s a credit card, 2.9% + $0.30.

Edmond said: Say, why does checkouts take AliPay and not WeChat Pay anyway? I noticed that some foreign sites have slowly started taking AliPay but WeChat Pay is yet to be a option yet?

@lowfront said:
So the Chinese bots won all the sales. Customers that would have happily paid didn’t get the chance to. Now all the sales have been sold to bots that will not be paying and doing charge backs. What a mess and waste of time.

VirMach provides great service I hate to see this.

AliPay is 2.2% — we almost integrated Payssion but didn’t have time. We definitely need to make some changes here. Most people are still using AliPay but a lot still using PayPal which is 4.4% + 0.30c fee and they also keep the fee on refund (30 cents they keep, which adds up on small orders.) Average order from China is $5 so that’s 0.52 (10%) fee versus 0.11 (2.2%) fee. I guess China customers are using PayPal more again because they feel safer/they can dispute. But we win most of those, at least when we reply (that’s another story though, having to deal with $1-5 disputes.) Too many to reply to for this sale especially with people getting upset and the mass purchasers disputing. Just too many of them overall. Makes us want to accept PayPal even less from China (or at least for small orders from everyone.)

I guess people don’t realize this has implications too. Like we had to stop doing refunds on SSD256 services partially due to how many were PayPal from China who immediately applied for refund then re-ordered. And to give you an idea of the quantity, those specifically made up like 80% of all refund requests. We didn’t want to just ban PayPal; we’d have to probably get that cleared with them first anyway. But it ended up just hurting customers.

Any feedback/suggestions from the community so we can try to come up with a good solution? Is WeChat actually preferred? Anyone who would be hurt if we stopped accepting PayPal from China?


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大家好, 我是FAT64, 现在发布一条最新关于VirMach的消息.

现场报道, LET上virmach官方正在征求社区意见:  完全禁止中国客户使用Paypal进行付款这一行为是否正确? Anyone who would be hurt if we stopped accepting PayPal from China?

截止到当前时刻大多人(老外)都持赞成态度, 有人(老外)说所有商家都应该禁止中国客户使用Paypal支付, 对于此事诸位MJJ有持有什么态度呢? 明年黑五是否还会考虑上virmach的车呢?

PS: 我的回复措辞有误,应该是中国客户人均每单消费5美元,
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