W4Networks 2010年就接触过的一家VPS提供商

120GB HDD Space
3GB Ram
5TB Bandwidth
2 IPs
Virtual Data Center
Virtual Data Centers are the best way to start selling VDS servers without having to worry about the large amount of upfront costs for servers, drives, backup systems etc.

You choose the resource plan you need, we create the VDC and within minutes you are able to provision your first virtual server within your own VDC. All resource plans are upgradable or we can customize one to your needs simply email Sales.
All servers are backed up daily and included is a web based control panel for you to have administrative access to all of your virtual servers.

All virtual servers are based on KVM systems.

2010年写的如下:又一家提供免费directadmin控制面板的低价VPS, 价格地址5.99美元,比teamvps还便宜2美元,跟teamvps一样也是位于wholesaleinternet的堪萨斯机房,最便宜的一款代号为“vps1”的vps,配置如下:
楼主太擅长搜索了 把倒闭的公司都搜出来了